DCSA is a non-profit making organisation who provide Official and Associate competions and Critique Days ranging from Preparatory to Grand Prix.

DCSA was the first dressage club in South Australia, having been started by Tom Roberts in the early 1950s. Initially the club met weekly on Saturday mornings in Adelaide's South Parklands, near where the hockey fields are located. Later, with the untiring dedication of John Vaughan, a sargeant in the Mounted Police, and Tom Roberts, the club found a permanent home on the narrow isthmus of the parklands between the Torrens and the railway line at Bowden, to be known as John Vaughan Park.

The club is now based at the Adelaide Hills Equestrian Centre in Lobethal, a most picturesque facility showcasing the best of the Adelaide Hills and Onkaparinga Valley. Our Founder, Tom Roberts said about Dressage "AIM AT PERFECTION, BUT FROM DAY TO DAY ASK ONLY FOR IMPROVEMENT OR SOME LITTLE PROGRESS" - a motto that the Committee and Members of the club strive to follow.

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Our competitions are held under the EFA rules. Full rules are available for download from the EFA National website. A summarised extract has been provided below for your convenience.

Ground Rules / Code of Conduct

  • No dogs.

  • Horses must be in yards when not being ridden - no tying up to floats unless saddling up or unsaddling.

  • Enjoy your riding and have fun.

  • Respect your horse,officialls ,fellow club members and competitors, encourage and welcome newcomers and visitors and uphold the highest level of sportsmanship and co-operation.

  • Aim at perfection but from day to day ask only for improvement or some little progress.
Competition Criteria

  • Bridle/saddle numbers must be displayed in all competitions. When riding in an official competition, the numbers must be displayed on both sides (EFA Rules).

  • The EFA issues a bridle number for all registered horses holding a current EFA Dressage Performance Card.

  • Gloves are required to be worn when riding, in accordance with EFA Rules.

  • Horse to be ridden by one competitor only on the day.

  • Horse may only be (ridden) worked by the competing rider on the day. Grooms may ride the horse at walk on a loose rein.

  • Only two consecutive dressage levels to be ridden on the day per horse.

  • Parking permitted on the outer perimeters of grassed areas.

  • Entrants may elect to be placed on a Reserve List (if contacted) in order to replace withdrawals.

  • Late entries or telephone calls requiring information for allocated times not accepted. Entrants must forward a stamped self addressed envelope if they wish to receive a copy of the draw in the post. The draw is also posted on this website.

  • All tests may be called up to and including Advanced except Championship Events and as determined by OC. (EFA Sec1.8).

  • If only one rider in a class, must obtain 55% to be eligible for a ribbon. If only one junior entrant, may elect to compete with seniors. Please inform Convenor of the day before competing.

  • Riders wishing to ride H/C must elect to do so before the class commences.

  • If withdrawing or scratching please advise the Club Secretary as soon as possible.

  • Plaiting is not compulsory except for Official Championship events. Plaiting is not required at DCSA Club Championship events.

  • Dress Code: Formal attire for Official/Championship Events. Other events - neat casual dress only.
General Rules

  • Protective hats meeting Australian Standards must be worn at all times when mounted. Current numbers: AS/NZS3838, EN1384, ASTMF1163.

  • Competition Entry

  • Horses may be entered in Official OR Associate tests only on any day. One person only may ride the horse.

  • Tests may be called up to and including Advanced excepting Championships.

  • Use of voice during Tests may be penalised.

  • Dress Code

  • Formal attire in Official/Championship events. If jackets are permitted to be removed, shirts must have short or long sleeves - no sleeveless shirts allowed.

  • Gaiters (leather outer-same boot colour) allowed.

  • Gloves must be worn-preferably white.

  • Procedure

  • Horses to have plaited mane on Official Championship days only. Plaiting is optional for all other events.

  • Horses must be under control at all times.

  • Running reins, martingales, boots or bandages are disallowed in tests. Bearing/Running or balancing reins may NOT be used at anytime. Only one lunge rein, two single side reins may be used in warm-up. Check EFA full Rules. Download National EFA Website.

  • Allocated numbers to be displayed on bridle/saddle. Ensure the Judge identifies your number as you present, (if still writing-ride around the Arena once more) the judge will indicate starting signal of whistle or car horn etc. You may then proceed to letter A and await their signal to commence (within 45 seconds).

  • Championship Events

  • Results are displayed prior to presentations. Riders to be present in competition attire-unmounted. These Events are often sponsored and Representatives of the Companies involved may be attending, hence the competitors' appreciation must be demonstrated by their presence at the award ceremony.

  • Pony Dressage

  • Classes offered for Official & Associate.

  • Ponies (Official Competition) must be EFA Registered, owners and riders must be financial EFA members and hold Performance Card & Height Certificate. Young Riders may be junior members.

  • Associate ponies-no EFA requirements.

  • Sign In

  • All competitors must sign-in upon arrival. If not attending, please telephone and notify the Club Secretary.

  • Hot Weather Policy

  • If the forecast for Mt Barker for the Sunday Competition is 36 degrees or over on the BOM website on Friday before the competition at 6pm, the competition will be cancelled.
The following is DCSA's policy related to grounds and weather conditions:

Extreme weather conditions as experienced in mid-Winter and mid-Summer may at times result in events requiring to be cancelled.

Please note this is not always at DCSA's discretion as DCSA abide by the instruction from the Grounds Management.

It is the responsibility of each competitor to check the DCSA website and / or Facebook page on the Friday evening before the event in times of extreme weather to ensure the event is to proceed as planned.
The following is DCSA's policy related to refunds in the event of cancelled competitions:

  • Cheques and money orders will be posted back to competitors.

  • Competitors who have paid entry fees electronically must provide their own electronic banking details for DCSA to credit entry fees back in to the nominated account.It is up to Competitors to provide bank account details. If they are not provided DCSA will retain entry money and hold in credit for future competitions.


Peter Oborn

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Irene Condon

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Viv Bretherton

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Natasha Cockburn

Contact Natasha at ridingacademy@hotmail.com or call +61 (0) 406 364 199.

Ara Champ

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Nikki Nardelli

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